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Air Master
エアマスター (Ea Masutā)


Behind the scenes of the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Tokyo, there exist many people who strive to become stronger by competing against each other in street fights. The main protagonist is Maki Aikawa, a 16-year-old high school student. A former gymnast, Maki adapts her skills to a different way of life — street fighting. The only thing that truly makes her feel alive is the rush and pressure experienced while fighting. With amazing power and grace, she fights opponent after opponent, repeatedly demonstrating the gymnastic talent that earns her street name, "Airmaster". Eventually, Maki is exposed to a fighting league of sorts, known as the Fukamichi Rankings.

The Fukamichi Rankings consist of the world's greatest street fighters and martial artists. The Fukamichi Ranking fights are held for various reasons. Firstly, many fighters wish to test themselves, achieving the highest rank possible and stretching themselves to their physical limits. However, there is also a corporate side to the Fukamichi rankings, with many viewers around the world eager to watch the brutal yet awe-inspiring showdowns. Each Fukamichi ranker is paid a respective amount for winning within their fight. Maki, seeking to quench her thirst for that pressure or buzz she experiences only through fighting and to find her place within this world, scales the Fukamichi Rankings, clashing with the world's greatest fighting prodigies.

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Air Master’s manga was serialized in the Hakusensha magazine Young Animal from 1997 to 2006 and has been collected into 28 tankōbon (bound volumes).
A 27-episode anime adaptation was produced by Toei Animation and originally aired on Japan’s Nippon Television from April 1 to September 23, 2003.

Alternative title

– Air Master
– Airmaster
– Ea Masutā
– Воздушный мастер
– エアマスター
– 에어마스터

TL;DR Review

Air Master (エアマスター Ea Masutā) is a seinen manga written and illustrated by Yokusaru Shibata.

The animation is good for the time (2003). The combat is especially fluid and exceptionally satisfying to watch. It would put some modern action anime to shame.

The opening theme is “Retsu no matataki” by Japahari Net and the ending theme is “ROLLING 1000 tOON” by Maximum The Hormone. I really like the opening song, as it really gets you pumped for watching this series.

Maki is a likable character and one of my favorite early strong female lead in an anime. The rest of the Maki’s crew have their own set of charm to them.

The story? Street fighting is apparently a ranking thing in Japan. The show can get absurd at times, but it’s an enjoyable ride. There is never a dull moment. There are some ecchi moments, but they are mainly used for comedy effect.

The series has one of the best first episode introduction. You should know right away if this is a series for you. The fighting choreography is one of the best.

This is my 4th viewing of the series over the years, and I still love it. I highly recommend this series to fan of action anime. Air Master contains graphic violence, tobacco usage, nudity, and suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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TV Series

  1. “Retsu no matataki” by Japahari Net

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  1. “ROLLING 1000 tOON” by Maximum The Hormone
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