Argento Soma OVA (2002)
アルジェント ソーマ (Arujento Sōma)


Dan, Guenevere, Sue, and Michael are sent down to Antarctica to intercept an alien invader. While searching for the alien and fighting it, Sue ends up causing an avalanche that traps both her SARG and the alien at the bottom of a giant crevasse.
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February 21, 2002




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Argento Soma (アルジェント ソーマ Arujento Sōma) is a 25-episode anime TV series that aired on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2000, to March 22, 2001. Episode 26, “Alone and by myself” (孤独と孤独 Kodoku to kodoku), was released direct-to-video. The episode that was trimmed from the series, it’s a definite stand-alone episode.

Alternative title

– Argento Soma
– Arujento Sōma
– アルジェント ソーマ
– Argentosoma
– Απήεντο Σομα
– Απήεντο Σώμα
– 沉默的未知

TL;DR Review

The Argento Soma OVA story mainly revolves around Sue from Funeral. It contains flashback while she struggles to escape from falling into a crevasse.

The animation is on par with the TV series, which isn’t a good thing. The animation was stiff and the use of still images is more noticeable here. Colors again are dull and dark.

The OVA reused the haunting opening song “Silent Wind” by Eri Sugai, which maybe it’s only saving grace. The ending theme is slightly modified with dialogs and Sue humming the theme. It’s cool that they try something different, just wish it was better executed.

I would not recommend watching the Argento Soma OVA unless you are already a fan of the series. Even still, the OVA is rather dull and we can see why it was cut from the TV show. The OVA contains some graphic violence and mild suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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Featured Music

Argento Soma OVA (2002)

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

– “Silent Wind” by Eri Sugai

Closing Theme

– “Horizon” by Sphere
Harriet Bartholomew
"Happy encounters and bittersweet memories, if there is nothing meaningful in the meeting itself and it's all about having met him, then what would be the true meaning of actually meeting him and the significance of wanting to meet him again?"



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