Birdy the Mighty: Decode Season 2
鉄腕バーディー DECODE (Tetsuwan Bādī DECODE)


Birdy Cephon Altera is a Federation agent chasing interplanetary criminals to the planet Earth. While in pursuit of one such criminal, she accidentally kills a high school boy named Tsutomu Senkawa. Fortunately for Tsutomu, there is a way to keep him alive. He ends up being merged into Birdy’s body and must remain so until the repair of his body is complete.

So, Tsutomu is stuck sharing a body with an attractive, strong, and impulsive space police agent while trying to keep his family and friends from finding out about Birdy. In the meantime, Birdy continues her investigation. Together, they take on a secretive group of evil aliens planning to perform experiments on the unsuspecting inhabitants of Earth.
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Birdy the Mighty (鉄腕バーディー Tetsuwan Bādī) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kazuki Akane. In 2003, Yuki began the second serialization under the title Birdy the Mighty Evolution in Weekly Young Sunday which ended in 2012.

An anime television adaptation, titled Birdy the Mighty: Decode (鉄腕バーディー DECODE Tetsuwan Bādī DECODE), was animated by A-1 Pictures and produced by Aniplex, premiered in Japan on TV Saitama and other broadcast networks on July 4, 2008. The series is directed by Kazuki Akane, written by Hiroshi Ōnogi, with its character designer and overseeing animation director being Ryo Timo.

Alternative title

– Birdy the Mighty: Decode:02
– Tetsuwan Birdy Decode:02
– 鉄腕バーディーDECODE:02
– Могучая Берди Расшифровка:02
– 鐵腕女刑警Decode:02
– 鐵腕女警Decode:02
– 鐵腕巴蒂Decode:02
– 鐵腕巴迪Decode:02
– 铁腕巴迪_DECODE_02

TL;DR Review

Last season of Birdy the Mighty had very few antagonists, so to make up for it we get introduced to quite a bunch.

The animation is on par with the first season, which is overly bright scenes with an almost water-color vibe. However, around mid-season, the animation becomes very stylized during combat and action scene to the point where detail got simplified to rudimental shapes. I can’t say if this was just being lazy, trying to save cost or artistic license, but I think it’s one of the first two reasons.

The opening theme “Kiseki (奇跡,Miracle)” by Nirgilis is very cute and light in tone. I really like this song as it matches the anime theme very well. The ending theme “Tane” by no3b is also very catchy.

This season took on a faster pace and a darker tone. We also delve more into Birdy background. Though the pacing had improved since the first season, it is still rather slow compared to today standard. Despite the slower pace and the janky art style, I still enjoy this series. Its focus is more on the storytelling and character development.

I am torn between giving this a TV-14 vs TV-MA as there are some gruesome violence scenes.

I highly recommend this season to the fan of the first season. This anime contains some graphic violence and mild suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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Birdy the Mighty: Decode Season 2

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

– “Kiseki (奇跡,Miracle)” by Nirgilis

Closing Theme

– “Tane” by no3b
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Birdy the Mighty: Decode Season 2

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Birdy Celphon Altera
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