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Black Lagoon Season 1 (2006)
ブラック・ラグーン (Burakku Ragūn)


Okajima Rokuro – now known almost exclusively as ‘Rock’ – was once a typical, put-upon Japanese businessman. Then, on a routine business trip, he was kidnapped and ransomed by the Lagoon Company: a band of mercenary pirates operating out of the crime-riddled city of Roanapur. Abandoned by his bosses, he joined the Lagoon Company. Now he must try and stay afloat amongst the ever-shifting politics of the criminal underworld, while simultaneously avoiding death at the hands of his quick-tempered, gun-toting co-worker, ‘Two Hand’ Revy.
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Black Lagoon (Japanese: ブラック・ラグーン Hepburn: Burakku Ragūn) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe. It has been published since 2002 and was later adapted into an anime television series by Madhouse, that aired from April to June 2006 for twelve episodes.

Alternative title

– Black Lagoon
– Пираты «Черной лагуны»
– Burakku Ragūn
– ブラック・ラグーン
– 企業傭兵
– 블랙라군
– จารชนพันธุ์เถื่อน
– Juodoji Lagūna
– Kara Lagün
– Laguna Neagră
– Melnā Lagūna
– Черната Лагуна
– Чорна лагуна
– Чёрная лагуна
– مرداب سیاه
– 黑礁

TL;DR Review

Black Lagoon has one of the more memorable introductions to one of our main characters, Rock and the rest of the Black Lagoon crew.

The animation is great and detailed. Since the setting mostly took place in the tropic, the sky, water, and trees are bright and vibrant.

The opening theme “Red Fraction” by MELL is a memorable and catchy song. The ending song “Don’t Look Behind” by EDISON had no vocal and is quite haunting.

The anime tries to be both realistic and over the top at the same time. The series wants you to believe in this gritty underground world, but at the same time throws action scenes that are borderline supernatural. Revy will charge in and massacre dozen of well-trained mercenaries and come out without a single scratch. If you think Revy was super-human, wait until you see Roberta.

Overall it’s a good show, just not great. There are some memorable scenes. The series consists of multiple short stories string together and not really a consistent plot from beginning to end. You can watch these arcs in any order except for the introduction arc at the beginning. It’s hard to invest in these characters as they don’t really develop much and the arc feels like a monster of the week kind of show.

I recommend this series if you like gory action anime, though there are quite a bit of talking between the actions. Black Lagoon contains strong graphic violence, suggestive themes/dialogs, alcohol consumption, and foul languages. Intended for mature audiences.

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Featured Music

Black Lagoon Season 1 (2006)

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

– “Red Fraction” by Mell

Closing Theme

– “Don’t Look Behind” by Edison
– “The World of Midnight” by Minako “mooki” Obata (ep 15)
– “Preach Headz Addiction” by Breath Frequency (ep 24)
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Featured Video

Black Lagoon Season 1 (2006)

A collection of notable videos, ranging from a fan-created trailer, music video, opening, and ending clip.

"Hey, boss... Don't you remember? Well, you should! I'm already dead. You said it, remember? And by the way, my name is Rock now!"
"Ugh... Er. Well, feels like my head's still attached, my sunglasses aren't broken... Amen, hallelujah, and peanut butter."
"Justice. I can't think of another word more loved by the people. It does have a nice ring to it. However, without ever exercising your own strength, you seek the death of others at the hands of someone else. Well, the justice you refer to smells pretty rotten to me."
"Whether we live or die isn't a big issue. If you focus on being alive, you develop fear. Your eyes get clouded. But if you have no such feelings... you are capable of fighting right to the end of the world."



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Photo by Nicolas LB, Jon Flobrant, and Yvette de Wit on Unsplash.

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