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Black Lagoon Season 2 Review
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
ブラックラグーン The Second Barrage (Burakku Ragūn: The Second Barrage)


The story follows a team of pirate mercenaries known as Lagoon Company, that smuggles goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia in the early to mid 1990s. Their base of operations is located in the fictional harbor city of Roanapur in southeast Thailand near the border of Cambodia (somewhere in the Amphoe Mueang Trat district, likely on the mainland north/northeast of the Ko Chang island or on the island itself). The island is home to the Yakuza, the Triad, the Russian mafia, the Colombian cartel, the Italian mafia, a wide assortment of pickpockets, thugs, mercenaries, thieves, prostitutes, assassins, gunmen of all sorts and the most relevant is a large number of Vietnamese population there, the result of Vietnamese refugees fled Vietnam after Communist takeover at 1975. They transport goods in the 80-foot (24 m) Elco-type PT boat Black Lagoon. Lagoon Company does business with various clients, but has a particularly friendly relationship with the Russian crime syndicate Hotel Moscow. The team takes on a variety of missions—which may involve violent firefights, hand-to-hand combat, and nautical battles—in various Southeast Asian locations, even going as far as Phu Quoc island of Vietnam. The members of the Lagoon Company spend much of their down time at The Yellow Flag, a bar in Roanapur which is often destroyed in firefights.

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A second season, subtitled “The Second Barrage”, ran for twelve weeks starting on October 2, 2006.

Alternative title

– Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
– Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage
– Пірати «Чорної Лагуни» 2
– BLACK LAGOON 2ndシーズン
– Juodoji Lagūna: Antroji Salvė
– Черната Лагуна 2
– Черная лагуна (второй сезон)
– مرداب سیاه : رگبار دوم
– Burakku Ragūn: The Second Barrage
– ブラック・ラグーン 2ndシーズン
– 黑礁 第二季

TL;DR Review

The animation is on par with the first season of Black Lagoon, which is to say they are great.

Four pieces of theme music were used for the second season. “Red Fraction” by Mell carried over the opening theme from the first season, and “Don’t Look Behind” by Edison is used as the closing theme, except for the fifteenth episode, which features “The World of Midnight” by Minako Obata. Episode twenty-four lacks an opening theme and uses “Peach Headz Addiction” by Breath Frequency as the closing theme. I am not particularly a fan of the “The World of Midnight” song. “Peach Headz Addiction” is better with its grungy industrial techno theme.

I think the reason I am not as much into Black Lagoon is the story is all over the place. There is no continual plot to keep the series moving forward. You can probably swap many of the episodes around in different order and no one would even notice. Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage is a collection of small arcs that may span across a few episodes.

The second season consists of three main arcs. The first two resolved within 3 episodes each and the last one cover the rest. It’s not quite as memorable as the first season with the Roberta arc, but it’s more of the same if you like the first season.

Recommended for those that enjoy the first season. Black Lagoon is one of those anime you just want to turn your brain off and watch the action. This anime isn’t quite binge-watching worthy. Good if you just want to waste a few hours to complete an arc, then come back later.

Black Lagoon contains strong graphic violence, suggestive themes/dialogs, alcohol consumption, and foul languages. Intended for mature audiences.

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Featured Music

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

TV Season 1-2

  1. “Red Fraction” by Mell

Closing Theme

TV Season 1-2

  1. “Don’t Look Behind” by Edison
  2. “The World of Midnight” by Minako “mooki” Obata (ep 15)
  3. “Preach Headz Addiction” by Breath Frequency (ep 24)
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Blacklagoon-Video-TV1OUT1-300 Black Lagoon Season 2 Review
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Featured Video

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

A collection of notable videos, ranging from a fan-created trailer, music video, opening, and ending clip.

"Hey, boss... Don't you remember? Well, you should! I'm already dead. You said it, remember? And by the way, my name is Rock now!"
"Ugh... Er. Well, feels like my head's still attached, my sunglasses aren't broken... Amen, hallelujah, and peanut butter."
"Justice. I can't think of another word more loved by the people. It does have a nice ring to it. However, without ever exercising your own strength, you seek the death of others at the hands of someone else. Well, the justice you refer to smells pretty rotten to me."
"Whether we live or die isn't a big issue. If you focus on being alive, you develop fear. Your eyes get clouded. But if you have no such feelings... you are capable of fighting right to the end of the world."
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