Claymore Season 1 (2007)
クレイモア (Kureimoa)


Long ago, Youma, shape changing demons, took human form to live in disguise in human towns, feeding on them in secret.

A secret, nameless society has discovered a way of implanting Youma flesh into humans to create hybrids powerful enough to defeat the Youma. A hybrid’s standard abilities include faster healing, limited shape modification, the ability to detect Youma and other hybrids, and overall enhanced physical prowess allowing them to wield massive claymores, for which they are named: Claymores. For reasons not divulged, only women are selected to be Claymores. They are often chosen for implantation after being the sole survivors of a family attacked by a Youma; this ensures their loyalty and willingness to endure the painful hybridization process.

The society sends Claymores to towns that can afford their fees to kill Youma. The society is often strict and harsh; Claymores who break the rules risk being hunted down by their fellow warriors.

The story of Claymore follows the adventures of the beautiful warrior Claire, who fights demons while struggling to hold on to her own humanity.
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The series initially premiered in the now defunct Monthly Shōnen Jump in the May 2001.

Madhouse adapted the first eleven volumes of the series into a twenty-six episode anime series. Directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka, the series premiered in Japan on NTV in April 2007 and ran until September 2007.

Alternative titles

– Claymore
– Клеймор
– كلايمور
– Kureimoa
– クレイモア

TL;DR Review

Claymore (Japanese: クレイモア Hepburn: Kureimoa) is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi.

The animation is great though the colors tend to be Earth tone and muted. The combat is visceral and can get quite gory at times.

The opening theme is “Raison D’être” by Nightmare and the ending theme is “Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky” by Riyu Kosaka. The standout song is definitely the ending theme for me.

What made me love this anime is its character development and world building. We follow Claire adventure and slowly glimpses into what drives her.

Claymore is a beautiful and dark anime that ended too soon. Though fan had asked for a season two in the past, it doesn’t look like this will ever happen.

Despite knowing the anime isn’t complete, I still highly recommend this series to the viewer that love dark fantasy, or just action anime altogether. This is very reminiscent to later anime like Attack on Titan. If you like Attack on Titan, this series is definitely a must watch. Claymore contains graphic violence and some suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for mature audiences.

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Featured Music

Claymore Season 1 (2007)

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

– “Raison d’être” (レゾンデートル, lit. Reason for being) by Nightmare

Closing Theme

– “Danzai no Hana: Guilty Sky” (断罪の花 ~Guilty Sky~, lit. Flower of Conviction~Guilty Sky) by Riyu Kosaka

Insert/Image Theme

– “Doukoku” by Nagasawa Miki
– “Eien” by Toyoguchi Megumi
– “Gen`ei” by Inoue Kikuko
– “Hangyaku” by Orikasa Ai
– “Henbou”” by Hisakawa Aya
– “Kakusei” by Takeda Hana
– “Kioku” by Kuwashima Houko
– “Shippuu” by Takayama Minami
– “Tense” by Paku Romi
– “Zouo” by Shinohara Emi
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Featured Video

Claymore Season 1 (2007)

A collection of notable videos, ranging from a fan-created trailer, music video, opening, and ending clip.

“Number Forty-Seven in the organization, Clare, the successor of Teresa's flesh and blood, the bearer of Ilena's right arm, and the one who will hunt down the head of the one-horned monster, Priscilla.”
“I promise you. I will not die. I will survive this day and meet you again. So, you can't die either, Raki. I will find you. You need to survive until then.”
“It’s hardly profound. The reason is very simple: I’ve found a reason to live. From now on, I’m going to live for the girl.”
“Don’t be so quick to throw away your life. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.”
“From the moment I first saw you, you've looked so sad. Your face shows so much pain. Your eyes were like mine. They looked so sad, so hurt, so lonely…as if you couldn't stand it.”



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