Crusher Joe (1989) OVA
クラッシャージョウ (Kurasshā Jō)


The galaxy is a strange and dangerous place, and there are times when even the United Space Force can’t help. That’s where the Crushers come in – skilled troubleshooters who will deal with any problem, large or small, for a fee (large only!) And there is no better Crusher than Crusher Joe!

In “The Ice Prison”, Joe and his team are assigned to adjust the orbit of a prison located on an ice asteroid before it disintegrates as it falls onto the planet Kirius. The prison is filled with political prisoners contrary to the autocracy of Kirius consequently raising the suspicion of the crushers.

In “The Final Weapon: Ash”, the team is secretly hired directly by the president of the nation of Bandor to rescue an officer carrying a bomb capable of annihilating all living organisms of an entire planet.
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February 5, 1989




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Character design



During the late 1970s one of the founding fathers of Studio Nue, Takachiho decided that besides being a designer he would try his hand at penning novels. The result was Crusher Joe, a group of anti-heroes who were not the typical self-sacrificing types but noble in their own right nonetheless.

Alternative title

– Crusher Joe (1989)
– Crushers
– クラッシャージョウ (1989)
– Drtič Joe

TL;DR Review

Crusher Joe (Japanese: クラッシャージョウ Hepburn: Kurasshā Jō) is a series of science fiction light novels by Haruka Takachiho and released by Asahi Sonorama from 1977 to 2005. The two OVAs’ title is “The Ice Prison” and “The Final Weapon: Ash”.

The animation is much improved from the movie 6 years ago. The style is the same, but it is much sharper. The colors are a little more vibrant this time and remind me more of Voltron style.

The ending theme is “Innocent Dreamer” by Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe.

The Crusher crew are just as childish as from the movie. We see them on vacation and start complaining when an emergency job is presented to them. It’s hard to think of them as “professional” when we are constantly being shown how immature they are. The robot is given more a vocal role this time, unfortunately, it’s a really annoying voice.

In the first OVA, multiple title cards, normally used during a commercial break, are constantly being shown every few minutes randomly. It’s as if we need a reminder we are watching Crusher Joe. I counted a total of 10 of these were shown within 60 minutes. That mean one every 6 minutes. It is distracting and annoying and doesn’t seem to be a reason for them.

The Ice Prison episode started out with a lot of political exposition. This doesn’t make for a very intriguing start. The second OVA handled the introduction a lot better at least.

Again the OVAs doesn’t seem to have a demographic in mind and just trying to go after everyone. It suffers the same issue the movie had. It threw political satire and intrigue for adult, the gory violent combat for the teen, and the goofy comedy for the kids. Due to how silly everything is, you never have a sense of danger for our main crew.

I would only recommend this movie to the fan that enjoys old-school silly science fiction. Crusher Joe OVAs contains graphic violence and suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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Closing Theme

– “Innocent Dreamer” by Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe
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