Demon City Shinjuku OVA Review
Demon City Shinjuku
魔界都市 (新宿) (Makai Toshi: Shinjuku)


Kyoya's father was a great warrior, killed at the hands of the diabolical psychic, Rebi Ra, who has now opened a portal to hell in the city of Shinjuku. It falls to Kyoya to finish what his father started and battle his way through demons while protecting a young woman from harm. The only problem is that he's not exactly your classic hero type, and his powers are still latent.

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October 25, 1988




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Demon City Shinjuku (Japanese: 魔界都市〈新宿〉(Hepburn: Makai Toshi: Shinjuku) is a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi that was adapted into an original video animation (OVA) in 1988, directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Portions of the opening fight scene were featured in the 1995 cyberpunk film Johnny Mnemonic.

Alternative title

– Demon City Shinjuku
– Makai Toshi: Shinjuku
– 魔界都市 (新宿)
– Hell City Shinjuku
– Monster City
– Синдзюку – город-ад

TL;DR Review

Despite Demon City Shinjuku was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri a year after he directed Wicked City, the two anime are not related. Many have thought this was a sequel to Wicked City.

The animation style is so much like Wicked City, it is easy to see why people thought this was a sequel. Again, Yoshiaki Kawajiri loves the use of the prominent colors black, blue, and red.

The music is a little lackluster here.

We are starting to see a hint of character design which will show up later in the Ninja Scroll Movie. The story and characters in Demon City Shinjuku are a little weak. The main male character isn’t very likable while the main female is so unrealistically idealist. Some of the side characters just pop in without any backstory and their only role is to help the main character along.

Despite all my complains, I still recommend Demon City Shinjuku to viewers interested in older anime. The kind that lay the groundwork for modern anime. The anime contains moderate graphic violence and partial nudity. It is intended for young adults.

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Demon City Shinjuku

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  1. “Active Heart” (アクティブ・ハート) by Noriko Sakai (eps 1-3)

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  1. “Try Again…!” (トライAgain…!) by Noriko Sakai (eps 1-3)
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