Dororo (2007) Live Action
どろろ (Dororo)


Dororo, a young orphan thief, falls into the company of Hyakkimaru, a powerful demon-hunting rōnin. Before Hyakkimaru’s birth his father, a greedy feudal lord, made a pact with 48 demons and let them each take a piece of his unborn son’s body, in return for granting him great power. Hyakkimaru was born a barely human creature—without arms, legs, eyes, ears, a nose, or a mouth—and his father had him thrown in the river. He was rescued and raised by Dr. Honma, who made him artificial limbs and helped him learn to fight the demons—each time he defeats one he reclaims one piece of his body. Now he and Dororo travel together through the war-torn countryside.
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March 15, 2007





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Dororo was filmed in New Zealand. Universal Pictures picked up the US rights, while MVM Films have the UK rights. Better Luck Tomorrow producer Ernesto Foronda is allegedly working on a Hollywood version of Dororo.

In the live action movie series, the name is explained to be a southern term for Hyakkimaru, meaning “Little Monster”.


– Satoshi Tsumabuki – Hyakkimaru
– Kō Shibasaki – Dororo
– Kiichi Nakai – Kagemitsu Daigo
– Yoshio Harada – Jukai
– Eita – Tahomaru
– Mieko Harada – Yuri
– Katsuo Nakamura – Bipa
– Tetta Sugimoto – Sabame

TL;DR Review

Dororo (どろろ) is a 2007 Japanese action film based on the 1960s manga series by Osamu Tezuka.

The quality of the film was better than expected for a 2007 release, but not by much. The over-acting isn’t as noticeable, but Dororo, the thief, really laying on the shout acting here.

For the live action version, both Hyakkimaru and Dororo were aged up a bit. For Hyakkimaru, instead of being 15 (1969 version) or 16 (2019 version), he’s now 20 years old. The anime version depicted Dororo as an adolescent, but the live-action movie appears to be close to Hyakkimaru’s age.

Another change the movie took the liberty of was changing Hyakkimaru’s body from being prosthetic, science base, to one of a magic base.

The combat isn’t bad, but the CGI is quite apparent. It looks like the majority of funds went into the early CGI, as those were passable for the 2007 era. However, the later CGI, especially the two dogs, look like a video game CGI imposed over the film. Overall, I was expecting way worst and did enjoy most of the fight scenes.

Though the movie is quite dark and gritty, it isn’t quite as bleak as the 2019 anime version. The film does feel a bit jumbled as they tried to cram the entire series into a 139 minutes movie.

I would say it is worth a watch if you are already a fan of the series. However, this is not the type of movie you need to watch a second time. Dororo contains graphic violence and suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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