Dragon Ball Super Movie (2018): Broly
ドラゴンボール超スーパー ブロリー (Doragon Bōru Sūpā: Burorī)


The theme for this remarkable new film will be “Saiyan”, the strongest race in the universe. Since “Battle of the Gods”, Goku has undergone new forms from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan Blue to other evolved forms that have gone up against many invincible warriors from multiple universes. This new story will focus on the origin of the Saiyans’ strength and what it means to be Saiyan.

Goku and Vegeta encounter Broly, a Saiyan warrior, unlike any fighter they’ve faced before.
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Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the twentieth Dragon Ball feature film overall, the third film produced with Toriyama’s direct involvement, and the first to carry the Dragon Ball Super branding.

Set after the events of the Universe Survival Saga depicted in Dragon Ball Super, the film follows series protagonists Goku and Vegeta as they encounter a powerful Saiyan named Broly. In the beginning, it tells the history of the Saiyans and the background story of these three Saiyans with different destinies connected to the turbulent period of their race, and later resulting in a massive fight between them.

The film represents the first appearance of a reworked iteration of Broly in the primary Dragon Ball series continuity, following the character’s appearances in the films Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993), Broly – Second Coming (1994), and Bio-Broly (1994). Having received positive reviews from critics, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the highest-grossing Dragon Ball film ever, the highest-grossing anime film of 2018, and one of the highest-grossing anime films of all time.

Alternative titles

– Dragon Ball Super: Broly
– DRAGON BALL超[スーパー] ブロリー
– 七龍珠超 布羅利
– 龙珠超 布罗利
– 映画ドラゴンボール超
– ドラゴンボール超スーパー ブロリー
– Doragon Bōru Sūpā: Burorī

TL;DR Review

Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Japanese: ドラゴンボール超スーパー ブロリー Hepburn: Doragon Bōru Sūpā: Burorī) is a 2018 Japanese anime martial arts fantasy/adventure film, directed by Tatsuya Nagamine and written by Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama.

I haven’t been a fan of Toei Animation recently, due to how flimsy their plots and expansive their filler tend to be. Admitted their tale hadn’t improved, but the battles make up for it. The narrative is disjointed with multiple flashbacks to different characters. It gets the job done, but the first act was rather slow. This film is a reboot of the earlier Broly (1993-1994) movies.

The story of Broly (or Broli) are more fleshed out this time around, and he even attained somewhat of a personality. The 1993 movies portray Broly as nothing more than an enraged beast.

The combat and action started as your standard Dragon Ball movie, but it gradually ramps up to be quite visceral. The trippy psychedelic battle is astonishingly vibrant and gratifying.

You need to already be familiar with the series and even the previous movies. Some characters, like Beerus and Cheelai, aren’t even given an introduction or description and assume you already recognize who they are.

Overall, this is one of the better Dragon Ball films. Recommended for those that love action anime but don’t mind the light plot. Dragon Ball Super: Broly contains graphic violence. Parental guidance is advised.

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Closing Theme

– “Blizzard” by Miura Daichi



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