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The Vision of Escaflowne Season 1 Review
The Vision of Escaflowne
天空のエスカフローネ (Tenkū no Esukafurōne)


The Vision of Escaflowne (Japanese: 天空のエスカフローネ Hepburn: Tenkū no Esukafurōne, lit. Escaflowne of the Heavens) is a 26-episode Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise Studios and directed by Kazuki Akane.

Gaea is an alternate dimension that was created from the combined wishes of the inhabitants of Atlantis when it started to sink into the ocean. Gaea has 100 different countries. On Gaea, Earth is known as the Mystic Moon. Gaea's size, mass, atmospheric composition, temperature belts, and even seasons is the same as to those of Earth. Though it has a lesser gravity as seen with some of the jumping and acrobatic feats of some of the show's characters. The series focuses on the heroine, Hitomi Kanzaki, and her adventures after she is transported to the world of Gaea, a mysterious planet where she can see Earth and its moon in the sky. Hitomi's latent psychic powers are enhanced on Gaea and she quickly becomes embroiled in the conflicts between the Zaibach Empire led by Emperor Isaac Dornkirk and the several peaceful countries that surround it. The conflicts are brought about by the Zaibach Empire's quest to revive the legendary power from the ancient city of Atlantis. As the series progresses, many of the characters' pasts and motivations, as well as the history of Atlantis and the true nature of the planet Gaea, are revealed.

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The Vision of Escaflowne premiered in Japan on April 2, 1996, on TV Tokyo, and the final episode aired on September 24, 1996.

While the anime series was in production, two very different manga retellings were also developed and released: a shōnen version of the story entitled The Vision of Escaflowne and a shōjo retelling titled Hitomi — The Vision of Escaflowne. In addition, a second shōjo adaptation called Escaflowne — Energist’s Memories was released as a single volume in 1997. The story was novelized in a series of six light novels by Yumiko Tsukamoto. A movie adaptation, entitled simply Escaflowne, was released on June 24, 2000, but bears only a basic resemblance to the original series. Four CD soundtracks and a drama CD have also been released in relation to the series.

TL;DR Review

The Vision of Escaflowne is one of my favorite anime and one of the first anime that may have inspired the whole “Transport to Another World” (Isekai) genre and made it so popular today. This series is a mixture of fantasy, modern setting, action, adventure, romance. I think it hit every genre it can. Technically, this is a mecha anime, but it is based on magic more than science.

Despite being over 20 years old, The Vision of Escaflowne still holds up pretty well and worth a (re)watch.

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Featured Music

The Vision of Escaflowne

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

TV Series

  1. “約束はいらない (Yakusoku wa Iranai – No Need for Promises)” by Maaya Sakamoto

Closing Theme

TV Series

  1. “Mystic Eyes” by Hiroki Wada (eps 1-25)
  2. “ザ・ストーリー・オブ・エスカフローネ~エンド・タイトル (The Story of Escaflowne ~ End Title)” by Yoko Kanno (ep 26)


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Featured Video

The Vision of Escaflowne

A collection of notable videos, ranging from a fan-created trailer, music video, opening, and ending clip.

Hitomi Kanzaki
"I want Van to live! I will stay with him. Until he realizes he is not alone... until his sorrow is no more... I will stay by his side. There is no sorrow that never ceases. I want to believe that. Just as the rain will eventually stop and reveal a blue sky that we both can see."
"Sorrow never ceases until death sweeps it away."
Hitomi Kanzaki
"I too am alone. It's sad being alone. It's painful. I felt that way too. But if we're together, at times we may hurt each other, and we may even part. But, that is not the end. I'll always be with you."
Van Fanel
"But we can see each other anytime right? As long as our feelings reach each other."
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