Gunbuster (2004) OVAs: Diebuster
トップをねらえ2! (Top o Nerae 2!)


Diebuster follows the story of Nono, a country girl who dreams of becoming a space pilot who, due to a chance encounter with an actual space pilot, finds herself becoming part of the elite Fraternity. Made up of teenage pilots called Topless, and armed with quasi-humanoid weapons called Buster Machines, the Fraternity’s mission is to protect the people of the Solar System from attack by swarms of space monsters.
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Diebuster, also known as Aim for the Top 2! (トップをねらえ 2! Toppu o Nerae Tsū!) and Gunbuster 2, is a six-episode original video animation series directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki, written by Yōji Enokido and animated by Gainax. It was created to commemorate the studio’s 20th anniversary in 2004, and it is a sequel to their 1988 OVA Gunbuster.

Alternative title

– Aim for the Top 2!
– Diebuster
– Gunbuster 2
– Punta al top 2! Diebuster
– Top o Nerae 2!
– Дайбастер: дотянись до неба – 2!
– トップをねらえ2!
– 勇往直前2
– กันบัสเตอร์ 2: ไดบัสเตอร์
– Top wo Nerae! 2
– Zirveyi Hedefle 2! NihaiAvcı

TL;DR Review

Diebuster is like a spunkier younger sister of Gunbuster. They are related but have their own different personalities. Diebuster feels like Gainax took what they’ve learned from making FLCL then applied it toward the Gunbuster universe.

The art and tones of Diebuster and Gunbuster are very different. If you didn’t know better, you may not even think they are related. Diebuster is more light-hearted than the original, and some may feel it’s too quirky. The world of Diebuster is vibrant.

The music of Diebuster is great, with the opening and ending theme especially catchy. You can tell the tone of the anime just from the song “Groovin’ Magic” by ROUND TABLE feat. Nino.

Despite a big cast, there were only a few memorable characters in Diebuster.

I highly recommend Diebuster, especially if you like FLCL and want more of that type of anime. I still think Gunbuster is the better OVA, but Diebuster is still an incredibly good OVA to watch. The OVA contains graphic violence.

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Featured Music

Gunbuster (2004) OVAs: Diebuster

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

– “Groovin’ Magic”, by ROUND TABLE feat. Nino

Closing Theme

– “Hoshikuzu Namida” (“Stardust Tears”) by ACKO (eps 1-5)
– “Tatsu Tori Ato o Nigosa zu” by Kouhei Tanaka (ep 6)
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Gunbuster (2004) OVAs: Diebuster

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Jung Freud
"The moon is great, you're weightless! On Earth, your bra's too tight, your shoulders are in knots, and soon your boobs sag."
Amano Kazum
"History will come to judge us. All we can do is survive at any cost."
Jung Freud
"Two people can't live the same life. After all, 'Meeting is the start of saying good-bye.' We only get one life to live, you know... I don't want to waste even a minute. 'Time stops for no man.'"
Oota Kouichirou "Coach"
"It's true that you're lacking in ability. That's because you don't work at it. However, you have a natural potential. That's why I chose you."



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