Macross Frontier Season 1
マクロスF (フロンティア) (Makurosu Furontia)


Macross Frontier is the story of a human space colony fleet trying to find a habitable planet near the center of the Milky Way. The story focuses on three young adults (a famed pop singer, a private military pilot, and a rising pop singer) and the events that occur around them as the fleet faces a crisis of alien origin.
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April 4, 2008




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Macross Frontier (マクロスF (フロンティア) Makurosu Furontia) is a Japanese animated science fiction space drama that aired in Japan on MBS from April 4, 2008, to September 26, 2008. It is the third Japanese anime television series set in the Macross universe.

Alternative title

– Macross F
– Macross Frontier
– Makurosu Furontia
– マクロスF (フロンティア)
– 마크로스 F
– 마크로스 프론티어
– マクロスfrontier
– Макрос F
– Макросс F
– Макросс Фронтир

TL;DR Review

Macros Frontier is the third outing for the Macross franchise, following Macross Plus. This series seems to be aiming for the younger demographic than Plus.

The animation and combat are beautiful to watch. Very likely the majority of the budget is put into the animation. The remaining funds were put into the music. Macross Frontier use a mixture of 2D and 3D animation. Most of the combat and dogfight used 3D CGI, which I think does a good job.

Speaking of the music, Macross Frontier has some incredibly catchy songs. Though after a while, some of the songs start to sound the same. The stand out songs are “[トライアングラー] Triangler” by Maaya Sakamoto, “Lion” by Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome, “[星間飛行] Seikan Hikou (Interstellar Flight)” by Ranka Lee, and “Aimo” by Ranka Lee. I especially love “Aimo” but I suspect this song was inspired by “Voice” from Macross Plus.

While Macross Plus focuses on the story with romance as a backdrop, Macross Frontier pushes the love triangle to the forefront while the plot is the backdrop.

Frontier writing also suffers from the convenient plot trope. Characters just randomly meet at the right time and the right place, continuously.

I still recommended Macros Frontier for newer anime viewer and Macross fan. This anime may feel too shallow for some viewers. The anime contains some graphic violence and moderate sexual suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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Featured Music

Macross Frontier Season 1

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Opening Theme

– “[トライアングラー] Triangler” by Maaya Sakamoto (eps 1-16)
– “[星間飛行] Seikan Hikou (Interstellar Flight)” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 17)
– “[ライオン] Lion” by Sheryl Nome Starring May’n & Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (eps 18-24)
– “[愛・おぼえていますか~bless the little queen] Ai, Oboete Imasu ka ~ bless the little queen (Do You Remember Love? ~ Bless the Little Queen)” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 25)

Closing Theme

– “「アイモ」 Aimo (vocal and harmonica version)” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 1)
– “[ダイアモンド クレバス] Diamond Crevasse” by Sheryl Nome starring May’n (eps 2-6,8-9,13-14)
– “「アイモ」 Aimo” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 7)
– “[アイモ~鳥のひと] Aimo ~ Tori no Hito (Bird Human)” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 10)
– “「ねこ日記」 Neko Nikki (Cat Diary)” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 11)
– “[愛・おぼえていますか] Ai, Oboete Imasu ka (Do You Remember Love?)” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 12)
– “「ダイアモンド クレバス50/50」 Diamond Crevasse 50/50” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] & Sheryl Nome starring May’n (ep 15)
– “「ノーザンクロス」 Northern Cross” by Sheryl Nome Starring May’n (eps 16-18,22-24)
– “[トライアングラー] Triangler” by Maaya Sakamoto (ep 19)
– “[真空のダイアモンド クレバス] Shinku no Diamond Crevasse (Empty Diamond Crevasse)” by Sheryl Nome Starring May’n (ep 20)
– “「蒼のエーテル」 Ao no Ether (Blue Ether)” by Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 21)
– “[トライアングラー Fight on Stage] Triangler Fight on Stage” by Sheryl Nome Starring May’n & Ranka Lee [Megumi Nakajima] (ep 25)

Insert/Image Theme

– “Ai Oboeteimasu ka ~bless the little queen” (愛・おぼえていますか~bless the little queen) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 24-25)
– “Yōsei” (妖精) by May’n (ep 22)
– “What ’bout my [email protected]” (What ’bout my [email protected]フォルモ) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 5,19)
– “What ’bout my star?(Sheryl on Stage)” by May’n (eps 1,5,15)
– “Welcome To My FanClub’s Night!(Sheryl On Stage)” by May’n (ep 15)
– “Watashi no Kare wa Pilot MISS MACROSS 2059” (私の彼はパイロット MISS MACROSS 2059) by Megumi Nakajima (ep 4)
– “Uchū Kyōdai Bune” (宇宙兄弟船) by Shunsuke Sakamoto (ep 5)
– “TRY AGAIN” by FIRE BOMBER (ep 17)
– “Totsugeki Love Heart” (突撃ラブハート) by FIRE BOMBER (ep 2)
– “SMS Shōtai no Uta ~Ano Ko wa Alien” (SMS小隊の歌~あの娘はエイリアン) by Everyone from SMS (ep 4)
– “Seikan Hikō” (星間飛行) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 12,15,17-19)
– “Nyan Nyan Service Medly” (娘々サービスメドレー) by Maaya Sakamoto, May’n & Megumi Nakajima (ep 25)
– “Northern Cross” (ノーザンクロス) by May’n (ep 25)
– “Ninjīn Loves you yeah!” (ニンジーン Loves you yeah!) by Megumi Nakajima (ep 8)
– “Neko Nikki” (ねこ日記) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 9,12)
– “Iteza Gogo Ku-ji Don’t be late” (射手座☆午後九時 Don’t be late) by May’n (eps 1,7,24)
– “Infinity” (インフィニティ) by May’n (ep 7)
– “Infinity #7” (インフィニティ#7) by May’n & Megumi Nakajima (ep 15)
– “Haha to Ko-Ranka no Aimo” (母と子ランカのアイモ) by Maaya Sakamoto & Megumi Nakajima (ep 14)
– “Chō Jikū Hanten Nyan Nyan” (超時空飯店 娘々) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 11,15)
– “Brera to Ko-Ranka no Aimo” (ブレラと子ランカのアイモ) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 23-24)
– “Anata no Oto” (アナタノオト) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 19-20)
– “Aimo” (アイモ) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 3,8,12,21)
– “Aimo O.C.” (アイモ O.C.) by Megumi Nakajima (eps 16,18)
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Featured Video

Macross Frontier Season 1

A collection of notable videos, ranging from a fan-created trailer, music video, opening, and ending clip.

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Sheryl Nome
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