Macross Plus Movie (1995)
マクロスプラス (Makurosu Purasu)
Macross Plus


In 2040 AD on the colonial planet Eden, the Ministry of Defence is testing and developing a transforming super-stealth aircraft, a new advanced weapon to counter alien attacks. Isamu Dyson is an extrovert jet fighter maverick assigned as a new test pilot on project Super Nova. Competition heats up when he discovers that his old rival Guld Bowman is the test pilot for the competing project. The arrival of Myung Fang Lone, a mutual ex-girlfriend, adds more tension to the conflict.
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August 27, 1995




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Macross Plus (マクロスプラス Makurosu Purasu) is a four-episode anime OVA and theatrical movie in the Macross series. It was the first sequel to the original Macross television series that took place in the official timeline (Macross II was quickly retconned by series creator Shōji Kawamori as a parallel world story in the Macross universe). Plus was a groundbreaking combination of traditional cel and computer-generated animation at the time of its release, paving the way for the incorporation of more computer-generated imagery in Japanese animation.

Both the OVA series and movie were released in Japan by Bandai Visual and in North America and Europe by Manga Entertainment.

Scriptwriter Keiko Nobumoto originally wrote Macross Plus as a feature-length work before the script evolved into a four-volume video series. The movie edition returns the story to the initially planned feature length. The theatrical version (マクロスプラス MOVIE EDITION) consists of most of the footage from the original OVAs, along with approximately 20 minutes of new and alternative footage.

Alternative title

– Macross Plus
– Makurosu Purasu
– マクロスプラス
– 마크로스 플러스
– Макросс Плюс
– Макрос плюс

TL;DR Review

I guess you can call this the Macross Plus director cut. Despite being over 20 years old, the anime still capture my attention from beginning to end.

The animation is gorgeous and still hold up to this day. This was created back in 1994 mind you. The main standout of the action is the aerial dogfight and the music.

The music for Macross had always been exceptional, but I feel Macross Plus went that extra step. The haunting song “Voice” by Akino Arai is one of my favorite song ever. Most of the songs are sung with a fictional language, which feels both alien and exotic.

Like all Macross, there has to be an idol singer. Unlike the other, however, she is more believable and less fan-servicey (Is that a word?). The characters are likable and well written.

I prefer the movie version over the OVA as the plot gets straight to the point. I can see the OVA got padded with extra scenes just to fill up the time.

Macross Plus is the best of the Macross series in my opinion and I highly recommend it. Macross Plus contains moderate language, violence, partial nudity, and some suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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Macross Plus Movie (1995)

A collection of notable music and song from this series.


Closing Theme

– “Voices” by Akino Arai

Insert/Image Theme

– “A Sai En” by Raiche Coutev Sisters
– “Wanna Be an Angel” by Akino Arai
– “Torch Song” by Gabriela Robin
– “The Borderline” by Akino Arai
– “Santi-U” by Gabriela Robin
– “Information High” by Melodie Sexton
– “Idol Talk” by Akino Arai
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Macross Plus Movie (1995)

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Isamu Dyson
"No one can be SMART and reckless.”
Col. Millard Johnson
"You can't carry challenge and recklessness within the same pocket."
Yang Neuman
"Well, since no trick I know is gonna work now, I guess we'll just have to bust our way in. We'll blow some of the unmanned sats in orbit and use the fragments as cover when they burn up on re-entry. If we create enough targets, the defense systems don't know what to aim for. Of course, to keep them from spotting the plane while we're going in, we'll have to keep the flight systems turned off. My simulation estimates it should give us our best opportunity. At least I think so."



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