Princess Mononoke Movie (1997)
もののけ姫 (Mononoke-hime)


While fighting to save his village from the attack of a demon-god Ashitaka comes in contact with it and is inflicted with a deadly curse. In his search for a cure, he is forced to leave his village forever and journey to the forest inhabited by animal gods. There he finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and a village led by lady Eboshi.
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Princess Mononoke is set in the late Muromachi period (approximately 1336 to 1573) of Japan with fantasy elements. The term “Mononoke” (物の怪) or もののけ is not a name, but a Japanese word for a spirit or monster: supernatural, shape-shifting beings.

The film was released in Japan on July 12, 1997, and in the United States on October 29, 1999. It was a critical and commercial blockbuster, becoming the highest-grossing film in Japan of 1997, and also held Japan’s box office record for domestic films until 2001’s Spirited Away, another Miyazaki film.

Alternative titles

– Mononoke-hime
– もののけ姫
– Princess Mononoke
– La Princesa Mononoke
– La Principessa Mononoke
– Prenses Mononoke
– Princesse Mononoké
– Princesė Mononokė
– Princeza Mononoke
– Princezna Mononoke
– Prinsessa Mononoke
– Printsess Mononoke
– Prinzessin Mononoke
– Prinţesa Mononoke
– Принцеса Мононоке
– Принцесса Мононоке
– הנסיכה מונונוקי
– 幽靈公主
– 魔法公主
– A Princesa Mononoke
– A vadon hercegnője
– Księżniczka Mononoke
– Princesa Mononoke
– Princezná Mononoke
– Prinsesse Mononoke
– Πριγκίπισσα Μονονόκε
– Мононокэ Гүнж
– الأميرة مونونوكي
– شاهزاده مونونوکه
– 모노노케 히메
– Công chúa sói
– Mononoke Princess
– Принцеза Мононоке
– Принцесса Мононокэ
– الأميرة مونونوكيه
– 幽灵公主
– 원령공주

TL;DR Review

Princess Mononoke (Japanese: もののけ姫 Hepburn: Mononoke-hime, “Spirit/Monster Princess”) is a 1997 Japanese animated epic historical fantasy war film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, animated by Studio Ghibli.

Once again we’ve delved into the story of man versus nature. This world is a mixture of the fantastical and reality. We once again see man greediness to exploit nature.

Despite the title is Princess Mononoke, our main protagonist is Ashitaka. He is a little bit of a Gary Stu figure. We don’t get many personality developments from him other than he’s a strong independent male character.

The other leading characters are San, a young woman who was raised by the wolves and sided with nature. The rest of the human casts of course side with man. The humans see the animal gods as nothing more than a barrier blocking progress and must be slain.

The story and animation are exceptional. Unlike Studio Ghibli earlier work, this film is darker and is intended at more mature audiences. I believe this is the first and only anime where I’ve seen someone got decapitated by an arrow.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone, including those who don’t watch anime. Princess Mononoke contains graphic violence and some suggestive themes/dialogs. Intended for young adults.

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Closing Theme

– “Mononoke-hime” by Mera Yoshikazu



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