Spriggan (1998)
スプリガン (Supurigan)


Spriggan was initially released as Striker in the North American English translation, as it is the English translation of the word “Spriggan” from Cornish.

Many years ago, an ancient civilization known for their advanced technology once ruled Earth, but were destroyed in the end by their misuse. So, they left messages for later generations in the form of indestructible message plates written in ancient Hebrew, informing them that if they could not find a good use for their creations, they should be destroyed. Various paramilitaries, national armies, and armed private forces began to secretly search for these “mysterious artifacts” in order to be used for their own good and against their enemies. The ARCAM Corporation and their military arm, the ARCAM Private Army, can stop these forces from destroying themselves with their elite secret agents known as Spriggans (or Strikers). The film in an adaptation of the Noah’s Ark story.
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Spriggan (Japanese: スプリガン Hepburn: Supurigan) is a manga series written by Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryōji Minagawa. The manga was adapted into an anime film by Studio 4°C in 1998. Spriggan was initially released as Striker in the North American English translation, as it is the English translation of the word “Spriggan” from Cornish.

Alternative title

– Spriggan
– スプリガン
– Spriggan – The Movie
– Спригган
– Supurigan

TL;DR Review

Spriggan is another of my favorite anime from the late 90’s.

The animation and production value for this anime was incredibly high at the time. It still holds up and put some modern anime to shame.

Unfortunately, only one film was ever made from the serialized manga. I would love to see more Spriggan anime. I guess I should try to track down the Spriggan manga to fill my void.

I highly recommend the Spriggan movie to all action fan. This is the type of movie you would use to convert your friend who doesn’t watch anime. Spriggan is on par with such film of that era like Ninja Scroll. Spriggan contains graphic violence and is intended for young adults.

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Yu Ominae
"Yeah, well we can't all be Schwarzenegger."
Colonel MacDougall
"Why wait 40 days and nights when you have title waves?"
"It's ironic. I'm killing you yet you gave me the body to do it with."
Yu Ominae
"I don't know who sent you... but you idiot sure as hell aren't ready... to take on a Spriggan."
Little Boy
"I hate to cut and run but you aren't worth my time."



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