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Studio: Yumeta Company

Yumeta Company (ゆめ太カンパニー), formerly known as TYO Animations Inc. (株式会社TYOアニメーションズ Kabushiki gaisha TYO Animēshonzu) is a Japanese animation studio formed in 1990. It was originally formed as a merger of Hal Film Maker and Yumeta Company.


TYO Inc., merged its two anime studio subsidiaries, Yumeta Company and Hal Film Maker, on July 1, 2009. Yumeta Company absorbed Hal Film Maker and changed its name to TYO Animations. On December 1, 2017, Memory Tech Holdings announced that they had acquired TYO Animations, and made it a subsidiary of Graphinica. They also announced that the company’s name would revert to Yumeta Company.

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